The Broad-Based Coalition of “Nope”

This past Sunday, I went to the protests at LAX.  I live close enough that I really had no excuse not to go.  (Unlike the Women’s March, where I had the excuse of being in Urgent Care with the crud that’s going around.)

It was incredible how many people were there, considering the timeframe.  President Trump’s Executive Order came out late Friday afternoon, and by Saturday there were protests across the country, organized on social media.

I saw a man and a woman who had obviously come straight from the Arrival gate to the protest; they had their rolling suitcases with them, and their signs had been made from a file folder.

There were people of all different races, different religions, different ideas for saving the world.  The representatives from the local Communist party were standing next to a woman with a quote from Mother Teresa on her sign.

If you asked all of these people how they would build an ideal world, they would probably give a lot of conflicting answers.  Trying to find a positive agenda that all of these people would support would probably be impossible.  But they all came together because, however different their worldviews, they could agree on one thing: that the bigotry of the Trump administration is not acceptable in our America.

LAX Protesters
LAX Protesters